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Franz-Pichler Straße 30 | 8160 Weiz | Austria

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Daniele Cozzi | +43 660 4129554 |

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Mo, Wed: 8:00-12:00 am

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German, English, Italian

KETGATE Point Staff

Daniele Cozzi (M.Sc.) has gained experience as project manager, where his activities include project management and content orientation. He represents and promotes KETGATE at public appearances and performs networking functions. He is responsible for content planning functions and representative activities in the organization of various workshops, events and marketing activities. He offers is directly services provided by the SKAP to the companies. He also connects the relevant RTOs with the local companies according to established standard procedures. He guarantees quick and effective answers to the clients’ needs.
Michael Wurzinger holds an MSc in energy and transport management from the University of Applied Science FH Joanneum Kapfenberg, Austria. He has longstanding experience with the management of international projects. Since 2014, he led several projects in ERANET, LEADER and Horizon 2020 programs, as well as contract projects. At present, he is in charge of the project NextPho21 for Photonics Austria and co-organizes the conference and Start-up event “Deeptech4Good Graz”. Michael Wurzinger also coordinates the operative activities of Photonics Austria since August 2018. This includes the organization of workshops, club meetings, events and the participation in conferences and fairs.

About Joanneum Research Materials

JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JR), MATERIALS – Institute for Surface Technologies and Photonics provides access to the latest technologies required for implementing innovative products and services. The institute has long-standing experience in managing a wide range of research cooperation’s, thus enabling the clients to successfully participate in national and international funded research projects.

Ecosystem Area

Concerning the structure of companies in Austria, SMEs play an important role; Austrian Economy is significantly influenced by SMEs: According to the “Österreichischen Mittelstandsbericht 2016”[1], 99.7 % of Austrian companies are SMEs. These SMEs are the target market of KETGATE.

The Austrian SKAP Ecosystem is built around the initial network of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and the Austrian associated partners Upper Austrian Research GmbH and Human technology Styria GmbH. Within the project KETGATE we expanded this network with suitable follower-RTOs (i.e. Campus 02, V-Research, Recendt). Through the involvement of these follower-RTOs, we were able to support a very broad coverage of available Key enabling technologies in the Austrian network and anchor KETGATE in different Austrian areas.

Additionally we were able to bring several additional multipliers (i.e. BioNanoNet, ACStyria, Photonics Austria) on board. With their help, we were able to communicate the idea of KETGATE to many potential enduser SMEs. These endeavours resulted in a high participation rate of Austrian SMEs in the brokerage event in Venice. Moreover, it shows the impacts of the SKAP KET Ecosystem in Austria to this point.

However to have a fully functional ecosystem the follower-RTOs have to commit resources to their presentation within the KETGATE Homepage and SKAP. On top of that, the contact to SMEs has to be intensified and a long-term plan for a KETGATE Business Model has to be defined.


Additional Services of Joanneum Research Materials

Market Analysis, Strategic Management and Innovative Business Models Consultancy

In addition to the Innovation Assessment, the Ketgate Point at Joanneum Research is in the position to give consultancy in the field of strategic management for SMEs and RTOs. In particular, in cooperation with Graz University of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of General Management and Organization, a master’s Thesis and a PhD Thesis are being written. The two academic works deal with the development of innovative business models and strategic frameworks for RTOs in the technology transfer to SMEs.