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Veneto Innovazione spa

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Via Cà Marcello 67/D | 30172 Mestre VENEZIA | Italy

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Ivan Boesso | +39 041 8685301 |

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Veneto (Italy)

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Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00 or on upon appointment

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Italian, English

KETGATE Point Staff

Ivan Boesso is responsible of European Policies in Veneto Innovazione S.p.A. Graduated in electronic engineering, he collaborates with Veneto Innovazione in sustaining SMEs development through the preparation and implementation of research and innovation projects. He is also engaged in providing services to support knowledge and technology transfer, mainly within Enterprise Europe Network activities and through the Regional Innovative Networks.

Maria Sole D’Orazio works as project manager in Veneto Innovazione S.p.A since 2003.

Graduated in marketing and communication sciences, she is mainly engaged in the evaluation of the regional innovative networks strategy, on behalf of the Veneto Region and in the coordination of the European projects of Veneto Innovazione.

About Veneto Innovazione spa

Veneto Innovazione is the in-house Regional Agency for research, innovation and technology transfer with the aim of promoting applied research and innovation in the Veneto Region. The Agency develops and manages regional, as well as national and European, projects on research, innovation and local development related topics, aimed at improving the policy development process at local level and to promote the Veneto Region abroad. Moreover, it offers support services to RTOs, companies and clusters for internationalisation, innovation valorisation and technology transfer. All these activities have as a central focus the management of innovation in companies and research centres and they are a particularly relevant tool in implementing the regional innovation strategy. Veneto Innovazione plays an active role in the process of developing and supporting tools and mechanisms for sustainable innovation at regional level, for accessing the market of innovative products and solutions and for coordination and networking activities. It is also a member of the Enterprise Europe Network.

Ecosystem Area

Veneto is a still a dynamical region from an economical point of view with a GDP of €151,634m (Eurostat, 2017) that represents the 9.2% of the Italian GDP. Recently anyway the regional performance was strongly affected by the international crisis that rather impacted on the unemployment rate increased considerably in recent years (from 3.4% in 2008 to 6.8% in 2016).

The industrial sector has a highly specialised and competitive manufacturing base, mostly comprised of SMEs. According to ISTAT data, in 2013, the region had almost 400,000 companies: 13% in industry, 15% in construction and 57.6% in the service sector. Agriculture is also important (nearly 10% of the national agricultural production) and agricultural companies, almost all mechanised and with a high level of specialisation, are very competitive. Veneto is characterised by the presence of the “industrial clusters”: mechanics, agro-food industry, textiles, eye glasses, gold and jewellery, electrical appliances and furniture.

The Veneto region shows a relatively low level of investment in RTDI and a de-specialisation in high technology sectors; nonetheless it remains one of the most developed and competitive regions in Italy. There are clear difficulties for the regional economy in carrying out more intensive investments in innovation and in entering high value-added product markets due to the specialisation in traditional manufacturing. Despite the limited intensity of R&D investment, in Veneto the percentage of enterprises with innovative activities in 2014 (Innobarometer 2014) was 53% (the highest rate in Italy), above the Italian average (45%). The share of enterprises with innovative activities only for new processes and new products was about 40%, again above the national value (33%).

Universities (4 in Veneto) and private research centers are fully included in the regional system of clusters (on which is also based the Veneto Smart Specialisation Strategy) since they are active players in the so called regional innovative networks. There are moreover other business support organisations that are part of the regional innovation ecosystem (such as science parks, innovation centres and chambers of commerce) but, because of a strong recent re-organisation at national and regional level affecting the public sector, many relevant players have partially downsized the role they were used to play; in other cases important merges are ongoing and the final picture is still fluid.

Additional Services of Veneto Innovazione

In addition to the KETGATE services package, the KETGATE Point in Veneto offers consulting services to valorise the innovation results both for companies and RTOs, in the frame of Enterprise Europe Network services.