The innovative coating of some parts of music instruments can prolong their lifetime and reduce maintenance costs.

Christoph DexerCEO Harmonikazentrum Weiz GmbH

The collaboration with Joanneum Research in the field of development of coating techniques for 3D-printed components was very productive.

W. KraschitzerCEO, RPD GmbH

Extensive research and constant connect with the industry has resulted in comprehensive knowledge base on opto-chemical sensors at Joanneum. Smart textile application is one of the many examples of mature and affordable sensor technology finding its applications in healthcare, food technology and beyond. Covalent linking chemistry of these highly sensitive sensors further distinguishes itself to other technologies, attracting lot of industrial interest.

Kaushal SagarRobert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

The roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography from Joanneum research delivered the most promising results with respect to pattern quality, scalability, and cost among all technologies we evaluated. We greatly appreciate. The infrastructure in the laboratories reflects the cutting edge technology available at this institute. During the three years of collaboration the communication was exemplary and cordial. Thank you very much!

Markus WenkHexagon Technology Center GmbH

R2R-NIL is a versatile and cost-effective way to produce smart nano-/micro-structured surfaces on large flexible substrates. We are a worldwide well-known film converting specialist. We produce film-solutions with unique optical and functional properties and count on our technological leadership. The cooperation with JOANNEUM RESEARCH helps us to continuously extend and improve our knowledge in R2R micro- and nano-structuring, which we use in our innovative products since 20 years.

Dr. Martin Egginger, Head of R&DHUECK FOLIEN GmbH