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The Laser Melt Injection of metallic particles into commercial steels provides enhanced wear-resistance and increased tool life-time.

The LMI process is a considerable choice for tool-making companies who need special solutions for their special requirements. With Laser Melt Injection a hard, nano-composite layer is available on carbon steels. The technology involves two steps. At first micron-sized particle mixture being ejected on the laser-melted substrate. At the subsequent process the workpiece undergoes a heat treatment which causes the precipitation of ceramic nano-sized particles. The created architecture enhances the micro-hardness level and increase the wear resistance of the substrate material.

  • Laser Melt Injection is a laser assisted surface treatment of commercial steels for increasing their hardness and wear-resistance.
  • Micron-sized particles injected into the laser-molten pool.
  • Subsequent heat treatment dissolves the injected particles and nano-sized ceramic precipiates appear.
  • The technology suitable to use on low- to mid-carbon steels for enhancing their tool life-time

The Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research is a leading applied research institution of Hungary. The Departments of the Engineering Division focus on the development of innovative methods, processes follow the actual needs and requirements of the market.

The key competences and activities are:

  • Materials and material technologies
  • Industrial laser technologies
  • Production systems, product and technology development
  • Material testing

BZN main competences and services

  • R&D and services in the field of materials sciences and technologies:
    • Development of joining and machining technologies
    • Development of coating and surface technologies
    • Development and services for industrial laser technologies (development of special equipment and dedicated technologies for welding, cutting, surface treatment and 3D machining)
    • Development of material testing methods
  • Mechanical engineering developments and services:
    • Numerical modelling and design of engineering structures, metal, polymer and composite products and production technologies



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