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Open cell metallic foams made of different metals and alloys for different purposes, such as catalysts and heat sinks.

Our company has developed a number of different technologies to produce open cell metallic foams. The foams can be made of different metals (Ni, Ag, Cu, Fe, etc…) and different alloys (Cu-Ni, etc…) and can have different pore sizes, different wall thicknesses between the pores, different ratios of open porosity and different total porosity.

These advanced metallic materials have high specific surface area, low density and high heat conductivity. Their inner surface can be treated by any metal or non-metal, including precious metals such as Pt. Thus, these materials are excellent catalyst materials and also can serve as advanced heat sinks for portable electronic devices, such as laptops.

  • porous metals
  • new generation catalysts
  • new generation heat sinks
  • High inner surface area metallic structures

Cooperation with MOL (https://mol.hu/hu/)

The task of BZN Kft. was to develop a nickel-based catalyst to catalyze the oxidation of sulfur-hydrogen and sulphites in industrial wastewater produced in MOL into harmless sulfates. To do this, we developed a nickel foam with a high specific surface, which was able to successfully solve the problem. The special metal foam manufacturing technology was jointly patented by MOL and BZN Kft.


Cooperation with Borsodchem (http://www.borsodchem-group.com/)

The task of BZN Kft. was to develop a nickel-based catalyst to destroy chlorates that damage the membrane cell membrane generated by chlorine production in chlorine by catalytic hydrogenation. For this purpose, we have developed a nickel foam of larger cellular size than the metal foam produced for MOL.

The main tasks of Department of Materials Development  of Bay Zoltán Ltd. are researching and developing structural and functional materials, coatings; developing the properties and manufacturing processes of metallic and non-metallic materials. The range of activity involves the applied and targeted basic research projects and the research and consultant services for scientific groups, R&D companies and for the companies of private sector. Participating in co-operations of enterprises, universities and academic research institutes are of significant importance.

Main areas of competences:

Research, development, production and analysis of different materials:

  • Metals, ceramic materials, composites
  • Amorphous and crystalline materials
  • Metallic foams, foamy glasses, metallic emulsions
  • Sols and suspensions

Research, development, production and analysis of surface coatings, thermodynamic modelling, nanotechnology

  • Structure analysis with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental analysis with EDS
  • Composition analysis
  • Elemental analysis with XRF and ICP-OES technics
  • Phase composition analysis with XRD method
  • Determination of particle distribution dispersed in liquids, Zeta-potential measurement with DLS equipment
  • Coating examinations
  • Viscosity measurement with rotational viscosimeter (Measurement temperature up to 1000 °C)
  • High temperature experiments in air, argon or vacuum atmospheres with different furnaces
  • Electrochemical synthesis experiments – also at high temperature
  • Ultrasonic nanoparticle synthesis



1116 Budapest, Kondorfa u. 1., HUNGARY
Phone +36-30/985-6529
Contact: Dr. Gyöngyvér LENKEYNÉ BIRÓ