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Particle stabilized metallic emulsions or monotectic metallic systems with stabilized droplet size can be produced of different alloys for different purposes, such as solid lubricants or heat storage materials.

Our company has developed a new class of materials: particle stabilized metallic emulsions, or in other words monotectic metallic alloys with stabilized droplet size of the minority phase. These alloys can be produced from different metals with different average droplet size and different phase ratios of the minority phase.

These advanced metallic materials can be used as advanced solid lubricants to replace traditional lubricants (oil). This will allow increasing the temperature of engines, which would lead to their enhanced efficiency. The same can be used as advanced heat storage materials with the minority phase melting and solidifying in the heating /cooling cycles. As the matrix is a liquid metal of high heat conductivity, the rate of storing and recycling heat is much faster compared to the conventional salt systems. These materials have low viscosity, so they can serve as heat transfer materials.

  • metallic emulsion
  • monotectic metallic systems
  • new generation solid lubricants
  • new generation heat storage and heat transfer materials

The main tasks of Department of Materials Development  of Bay Zoltán Ltd. are researching and developing structural and functional materials, coatings; developing the properties and manufacturing processes of metallic and non-metallic materials. The range of activity involves the applied and targeted basic research projects and the research and consultant services for scientific groups, R&D companies and for the companies of private sector. Participating in co-operations of enterprises, universities and academic research institutes are of significant importance.

Main areas of competences:

Research, development, production and analysis of different materials:

  • Metals, ceramic materials, composites
  • Amorphous and crystalline materials
  • Metallic foams, foamy glasses, metallic emulsions
  • Sols and suspensions

Research, development, production and analysis of surface coatings, thermodynamic modelling, nanotechnology

  • Structure analysis with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental analysis with EDS
  • Composition analysis
  • Elemental analysis with XRF and ICP-OES technics
  • Phase composition analysis with XRD method
  • Determination of particle distribution dispersed in liquids, Zeta-potential measurement with DLS equipment
  • Coating examinations
  • Viscosity measurement with rotational viscosimeter (Measurement temperature up to 1000 °C)
  • High temperature experiments in air, argon or vacuum atmospheres with different furnaces
  • Electrochemical synthesis experiments – also at high temperature
  • Ultrasonic nanoparticle synthesis



1116 Budapest, Kondorfa u. 1., HUNGARY
Phone +36-30/985-6529
Contact: Dr. Gyöngyvér LENKEYNÉ BIRÓ