As an internationally well-recognized Research Center for Materials Characterization and Non-Destructive Testing, RECENDT GmbH – which is part of the UAR Innovation Network – has operated very successfully within the Austrian and international markets since 2009.

Milestones in the early years included becoming a non-university Christian Doppler laboratory (CD-lab) for Photoacoustics and Laser Ultrasonics (up until 2016 RECENDT operated as one of only two non-university CD-labs in Austria), and gaining the “special award for Research” at the Innovation Awards of the federal state of Upper Austria in 2010.

RECENDT has gained an internationally acknowledged reputation as a partner as well as a coordinator in numerous national, EU, and internationa projects. The company is well established as a popular partner for local SMEs and multinational enterprises.

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RECENDT – Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH

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