In this department processes for the laser processing of materials and the plasma-assisted treatment and coating of surfaces for industrial applications are developed.

• Laser based applications: laser beam diagnostics; advice in laser processing; process development in the fields of laser welding, laser alloying and (3D) laser cladding
• Surfaces engineering and coatings: physical deposition methods in high vacuum; laser and plasma-assisted deposition methods (PVD, PLD, PACVD)
• Additive manufacturing: 3D printing using lasers on metallic components

• Laser alloying of non-return valves
• Strengthening Austrian value chains for additive manufacturing in industrial production
• SPD-BioTribo: Anti-bacterial optimization of high-strength, SPD titanium alloys for spinal implants and surgical tools
• i!TOOL: Development of wear-resistant piezoelectric ZnO nanowire sensors for condition monitoring and robotic grippers
• 3d-PRINT&COAT: Development of laser-sintered fiber-reinforced high-performance polymers with defect-tolerant wear protection coatings
• protectedTOUCH: Long-term biocidal coatings to prevent smear infections in public transport
• steel-LIKE-plastics: Highly wear-resistant coated 3D printed polymers & CFRP composites for function-centered drive design
• jawIMPLANT: Patient-specific bioactive, antimicrobial PLA-PGA/titanium implants for large jawbone defects after tumour resection
• 3dAEROTIP: Additive manufacturing of innovative titanium components for the aerospace industry
• smart3D: 3D-printed interior components with directly applied electronic functionalization
• SYMPA: Stereolithography materials, production and plasma-postprocessing for durable automotive applications
• bioVALVE: Nonthrombogenic metal-polymer composites with adaptable micro and macro flexibility for blood-contact devices
• allergyFREE: Low-cost deposition of scratch-resistant coatings against metal allergy and bacterial infection

Laser manufacturing technology
Laser welding
Laser alloying
Laser deposition welding
Additive manufacturing (3D printing) using lasers on metallic components

Plasma surface technologies
Laser-and plasma-assisted vapour deposition techniques
Low temperature coating methods
Plasma activation and plasma cleaning
Coating characterization

Laser and Plasma Processing

Franz-Pichler-Straße 30, 8160 Weiz, Austria